Download GTA 5 IOS {No Verification} for iPhone & iPad (2021)

Are you GTA lover? Then you’re at the right place because here you’re going to explore your favorite GTA 5 game. You’ll be more amazed to hear that you can get GTA 5 IOS file for your android smart phone and can play it in offline mode or online mode. Yes, you hear it right. GTA V is now available for smart phones. I am sure you’re excited now and can’t wait to download this game. So, let’s check what I have for you.

A lot of games are coming in the market and the reason is one and only android smart phones. Android phones totally changed the world of gaming and people can now play many amazing games in their mobiles. Almost every android user play games in their free time. Therefore in today’s era, there are billions of android games that you can play. GTA V IOS is one of them and people are crazy about it because of its features and adventures. This game provides you some extra features that will attract you to play. GTA becomes a brand now because of huge followers.

GTA Introduction
GTA is basically a short form of “Grand Theft Auto”. Just because this name is long, so people called it GTA. The 1st GTA game was released in 1997 by Rockstar Games. Till yet, this game has almost 26 parts. The company made huge changes and include amazing features in their every updated part. Therefore this game has billions of fans right now all over the world. Rockstar Company takes care of its followers demand and they try to give their best to people. And people also trust their games. Rockstar also have many other products as well and people also try them. But GTA series are the main reason of its popularity. So, this is the basic introduction of Grand Theft Auto which everyone wants to know.

 Premium Features for Free 

Open World Game
You can do anything in this open world game. Here you can spend any type of life according to you desires. You can do any type of job like you can be a taxi driver, ambulance driver or can do little jobs.
Free Download
This amazing and thrilling game is free for lifetime. So, you don’t need to take worry about paying a single penny. Enjoy your life moments with this free entertaining game.
Saving the Missions
You can save the game anytime. Just pick up the saving resource in your property and save your game. So after come back, you can continue the game without losing anything.

 Game Screen Shots 

 Why GTA 5 IOS is Important? 

GTA 5 is the most amazing part of GTA series. People gave huge positive response to this game part. This part breaks all the records of gaming trend. A lot of people play this game because this game contains extra ordinary features and graphics. There are many incredible features waiting for you. This game was released for PC but now this game is available in APK file. You can get this GTA 5 IOS game in your mobile and can enjoy this game. As I mentioned above that everyone use android phones, so this is perfect chance for you to install this game in your mobile and enjoy your free time.

GTA 5 for iPhone has many more features than other games. Like, you can do anything in this game. Basically, this GTA 5 for IOS is a new version of the original game. The reason is you can’t play the original game on android because its size is so large and other features are also heavy. So, developers made a mod file that people can use and play on their ios phones. The download size is also less and you can easily install it on your mobile. But you’ll feel like you’re playing the original game because developers smartly do the changes in this version and launch it in the market.

 Game Specifications 

IOS RequirementsNew
Ram Requirements2GB
DevelopersRockstar Games

gta 5 apk

Top Reasons to Play GTA 5 IOS
Many people think why should they play this GTA 5 IOS? Because there are a lot of other games that are similar to it and available in Google Play Store.

Well, that’s a good question because this is the era of competition and gaming companies try to provide more value in gaming than their competitors.

GTA V iPhone has much serious gameplay which you can’t deny. You can enjoy action, adventure, thrill, puzzle, strategy, and the most important thing is this game gives you huge challenges to complete the levels. Having these superb and cool features, how can you deny yourself to play it?

There are also other features as well that will force you to play this game. The graphics are HD and because of them, you’ll definitely enjoy the scenes and feel like you’re watching a film. The speed, accuracy, sound, control & resolution will blow your mind and you’ll stick to this Grand Theft Auto 5 game.

You can’t experience all of these features in other similar games. So, these are the reasons for playing this thrilling GTA 5 IOS game in your iPhone. Once you play, you’ll soon addict to it and realize that you were missing many amazing experiences.

 Game Features 

GTA 5 for iPhone Latest Version 2021 App has some serious features for you. Use them to unlock hidden resources and for a better experience. The details are below.

 New Features 

Without the latest features, you can’t enjoy the game because you’ll feel like you’re playing with rules. With the help of tips, it is easy to do anything freely and easily. Cheats can help you to complete the challenges easily and in less time. You can save a lot of time by using cheat codes.


People who play GTA 5 on their PC, PS3, or Xbox use many versions to play the game. Now, these mods are also available for android. You can use them without any hesitation and without any interruption. The reason for using mods is people want to play different rounds that change from the original ones. You can also make mods according to your wish for GTA 5 IOS if you are a developer and know how to do it.

 OBB Data & Files 

You have to download these GTA 5 IOS OBB files because the game only works with them. These files help you to get a better experience during the game. Without OBB data, you can’t play GTA on your IOS. These OBB files contain large sizes but you have to download them. Only then you can fulfill your wish of playing the game.


A lot of missions are waiting for you. Like other GTA parts, this part also contains missions. Its missions are different from others and unique. The missions are hard to complete but if you’re an old GTA player, then I am sure these missions are not much harder for you and you can complete them like a pro. These missions will definitely give you thrill and satisfaction.

gta 5 apk


You’ll face different characters during your missions. Some of them will your friends and others will be your enemies. Many unique characters are included in this part. Your friends will help you to complete your missions. They also give you suggestions whenever you need them during the missions or challenges.


A lot of different vehicles are added to this game. Like cars, bikes, cycles, skateboards & boats. You can use them all during your missions. The resolution of vehicles is HD and feels like real ones. I assure you you’ll definitely love every ride in your vehicles.


The GTA 5 for IOS game controls are so accurate and the user enjoys it. We all know if the game controls are not so perfect, then it will be waste of time to play it.


Graphics are one of the main reasons for every game popularity especially in the present era of android smartphones. Everyone wants good graphics even it is an image, video, or game. This game graphics will not miss a single chance to amaze you.


Let’s talk about sound quality because, without sound, no one can enjoy anything. So, developers added some amazing voices and every other sound like cars, bikes, music in the game. You can clearly listen to people’s voices and different nature sounds during the gameplay. Better sound quality makes this game more exciting for the players.

 How to Download GTA 5 for IOS? 

Everyone wants to know that how to download any app. So, the downloading process of this GTA 5 IOS is very simple. Just click the download now button and then downloading process will be started. You have to make sure that you have enough memory to download this big size app. Otherwise, you’ll face downloading issues. If you’ve enough memory then you can download it without any trouble. I suggest you use the latest features android phone if you really want to enjoy this game because it’ll run fast and smoothly.

 How to Install GTA 5 for IOS? 

  • The 1st and important part is to download this GTA v IOS latest Version in your mobile.
  • After that, go to your mobile settings.
  • Click the security option.
  • There you’ll see the option “Allow installations from third party sources”. Just enable it.
  • Now you have to click on the downloaded file. The installation process will be started.

 How to Install GTA 5 OBB Data Files? 

You’ll also find OBB data files from this site. You have to download these files because it’s important. After downloading the OBB data, you have to extract it from the zip archive application. After extracting, you have to move the OBB folder to GTA 5 folder. Then you can enjoy the GTA 5 IOS with OBB data. Keep in mind that this part is very important. So you’ve to take a lot of care while doing it.

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 GTA 5 for Android 

We all know that there are many people who are using Android smartphones. Many Android users are also GTA lovers and they want also to enjoy the challenges of this GTA game. So, if you are one of the Android users, then you’ll be happy to know that you can also download this game on your android for free. The installation process is the same as android installation. So, you can check the process above. After that, you just need to enjoy your game in your free time.

 How to Play GTA 5 IOS? 

Simply, just open the game and everything will be in front of you. Just click the start button and you’re done. During the game, you’ll see different options in your screen. These options will help you to play the game in a more efficient way. There will also be a map which will show you directions and help you out to complete the missions. So, this is how you can play the GTA game easily. This question comes in everyone’s mind but now you can easily understand the method and can explain others by yourself.

gta 5 apk

 IOS Requirements to Play GTA 5 iPhone 

Like other heavy games, this GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) will not work in a normal android operating system like kitkat or marshmallow. You must have the latest IOS version to play this game without any lagging issue. As we know that the features of this GTA game are so high and heavy so a normal android smartphone system can’t handle it. Below you can check which android software can handle this game.

FAQ’s Section

Is GTA 5 Available for IOS?

Yes, it is available and you can download it from this site.

When GTA 5 Will Release in iPhone?

GTA 5 may never be released for IOS but its unofficial mod is released which you can play in your mobile.

How Many GB is GTA 5?

GTA 5 size is 8GB for PC, Xbox and PS3. The mod file size for android is almost 3GB.

Is GTA 5 IOS for Android Trustable?

Yes, the mobile version is trustable and it doesn’t contain any malware or virus.


Above was each and every detail about GTA 5 IOS for IOS. I am sure everything will be clear to you. I hope you’ll like this huge guide above this amazing game. So in the end, I suggest you just play this game because its features are amazing. With just one click, you can download this amazing game on your mobile. Also, share this game with your friends and family and enjoy your precious gaming moments with each other. If you have any question left in your mind, feel free to ask in the comment section. Good luck and don’t forget to share your reviews below. It’ll be appreciable for us.